My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Dog sitting!

The kids are having such a good time watching the neighbors dogs. In the last month- 
they have picked up 3 dog sitting jobs here in our culdesac. 

This week they are watching Bailey Tate and Bailey Acosta! 
That is right....
2 of our neighbors have dogs named, Bailey! 

How funny is that? They are both girls though! 

Here is sweet Bailey Tate.

She has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. 
She loves to play fetch and greets you as soon as you open the door. 

Here is Bailey Acosta! 

She is a feisty little thing and loves to run laps around us in the backyard. She is full of energy and always smiling (just like she is in this picture!) So sweet!

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