My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday and visit with Santa!

Clint took the day off today so that he could be a Watch Dog Dad at the kids school. They have been begging him since last year- and it finally happened! Bailey was so excited that he got to be on the announcements- and I think Kaci was thrilled that he chose to be a Watch Dog on her birthday. She likes that their picture will be on the bulletin board for the rest of the year. Clint only volunteered for a half day in the morning and checked the kids out of school at 11 for lunch! I ran some errands getting ready for the big party tomorrow at Pump It Up and then meet them at Casa Ole for lunch!
From lunch - we headed back over to Mac Haik to sign on my NEW CAR!!! So excited! Can't wait to get my new Ford Expedition XLT EL!!! It will arrive on Tuesday! Pictures to follow.

Then- to hold on to tradition- we went to the mall to visit Santa tonight! For the last 2 years we have done this on Kaci's birthday since he seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. True- it is early, but we certainly beat the crowds and that is wonderful!
On our way, we stopped by my favorite berry tree to take the kids pictures while they were all dressed up. This is the same tree I took their picture by last year for our Christmas card. I think they turned out pretty cute, considering Clint was sitting in the car waiting for us and we took them in 5 minutes flat!!

I love this picture of Bailey in his new pair of blue jeans. He hasn't worn jeans since he was 2 years old. They are absolutely adorable and so is he!

Love this one of Kaci too! Hard to believe she is 9 years old!

Grandma Dee and Papa met up with us at the mall. Love these special balloons that Grandma Dee picked out for Kaci!!

...And drum roll it is! The picture of Kaci and Bailey with Santa! Priceless!

The kids even did a little posing with Grandma Dee and PaPa in front of Santa's big Christmas tree.

After a quick trip to Toys R Us Express to pick out a few toys from PaPa - the kids took a quick spin on the carousel that is now in the mall. Bailey picked this horse to ride.

Kaci picked the non-tradional giraffe! Gotta' love it!

Next - we were off to Build A Bear to spend Kaci's "Bear"day cash! Here they are giving their animals a quick blow dry and brush!

Bold Then we ended the night with a quick ride on the choo choo train with PaPa! Happy Birthday, Kaci!
What a great day....and more to come tomorrow with a big birthday party at Pump It Up and a sleepover with Grayson!

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