My babies!

My babies!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

So- it is that time of year again. Time to wrap up 2010 with a big bow and kiss it goodbye. Looking back on the was a good one. We had health and happiness and lots of laughs!

Kaci finished second grade and started third. She has a wonderful teach this year- who is kind, compassionate and very understanding. She is in TAG math and TAG reading and is doing very well. She continues to amaze me with her math skills and it figuring our her own carb to insulin ratios- often without a calculator! She has continued with her Girl Scout troop even though they have a new leader....ME~~She hasn't lost any teeth, is growing taller and is sporting a longer hair do which she is going to continue to grow out. She is out growing hair bows *sigh*, but she still loves kisses and hugs goodbye, and anything sweet to eat! She got glasses in September and couldn't be cuter in them! She turned 9 in November and had her birthday party at Pump It Up! She was Hannah Montana's friend, Lily for Halloween- and really rocked the wig! She is handling diabetes better than I could have ever imagined. She stuffed over 5,000 School Walk folders for the JDRF Austin Chapter and raised over $3,000 for the "Say Boo to Diabetes" walk in October. Together we convinced her P.E. coaches to let her school participate in the school walk this year. It will be held on February 15th. We can't wait to see how much money the school will raise for this cause that is so close to our hearts. We recently enrolled her in CCD classes and she will be receiving her First Communion this year in April. She has made lots of new friends (and kept many of her old ones as well) and is the most kind-hearted little girl I have ever met.

Bailey finished up Kindergarten... and we miss his teacher so much! He has started first grade and LOVES it! He is still a math and reading wizard and is in TAG as well. He loves Tom and Jerry, video games, watching football, playing baseball, cub scouts and the computer. He joined a baseball team this year, The Riverdogs, and had a great season! He has signed up to play with T&C again in the Spring. He is still the funniest boy I know and is the spitting image of his Daddy! This year he has learned how to get his socks and shoes on without ANY help! His favorite foods are still pizza and chicken nuggets and he will do anything for a Happy meal at McDonalds! He celebrated his 6th birthday party this year at Pump It up and is looking forward to his 7th birthday at Chuck E Cheese! He was Mario's friend, Luigi for Halloween! He was priceless! He also got glasses this year in October right after Kaci. He was one of the top 12 popcorn sellers in his Boy Scout Den and received his very own marshmallow gun!

I have enjoyed watching the kids grow and started teaching again at Grace Pre-school. I have my own class of 4 year olds and it is nice to be in the teacher roll again. I lost about 25 pounds when Kaci was diagnosed in 2009 and have slowly gained back about 10 of it- but I am happier now and able to enjoy my meals a little more. There are still times I feel great guilt for being able to eat without a shot, when she can not. I will NEVER get over her diagnosis. I still have bad moments and even bad days. I still feel great guilt and would take on her struggles in a heartbeat. I continue to volunteer for the JDRF Austin Chapter and started counting money for the School Kids Walk. I enjoyed our summer vacations to the beach- Celebrated my 12th anniversary with Clint and the kids with a night out at the Melting Pot- I continued to sell Scentsy, and Avon.....and became the leader for Kaci's Girl Scout troop. I am also home schooling the kids right now with their religious education classes. I LOVE my new car and don't mind driving ANYWHERE anymore!

Clint, much like last year, continues to work harder than anyone I know! He is up early and up late and works all hours in between. He watched UT football, but I can not say that he enjoyed the season! I got him onto the world of Facebook and I think he enjoys it. He has a pet in Petville, has joined a Mafia and has started a catering business with Amber in Cafe World. He took off early many days in order to get Bailey to Cub scout meetings and baseball practices and/ or games. He also made a CRAZY trip to the emergency room to have a moth removed from his ear! He is my best friend and the only person I would want to share this crazy journey, called LIFE - with! I love him forever and always!

So- what do I hope for the New Year? Same as last year.....

Peace, Health and Happiness! All the stuff my mom used to wish for when we were kids!

Resolutions- I am also going to learn to say NO when I want to and not feel guilty about it.
I am going to continue to stand up against people when I know they are wrong.
I am going to follow my gut- and I am going to try to live more in the moment.
Happy 2011~

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Clint said...

I don't have a Pet in Petville the kids do! My pet would have ran off a long time ago.

You also forget the disastrous trip to the National Championship Game!

Happy New Year!