My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So.... it is Science Fair time up at the school. Kaci is not required to enter a project, but can do so for *Extra Credit* this Friday. She is currently working on an experiment to see what liquid makes nails rust the fastest. (I will post more on that one later)
Her 3rd grade class is making a volcano as a "whole group" project to enter in the Fair. They can also make their volcano at home to bring in for MORE *Extra Credit* this Thursday. Kaci is always up for a challenge and *Extra Credit* - so last week we started working on our paper mache volcano.

Kinds looks like a weird bee hive here. (Bailey decided to make one with us too!)

Now it kinda' looks like a big cow patty!

Now it looks like an "AWESOME" volcano!!!

Here is her presentation poster that she typed up on the computer.

She had to describe how she is going to make the volcano erupt at school this Friday. We tried Big Red and Mentos, but it didn't make a big impression- so we are going old school.

Here is the description of how we made the actual volcano. I am so proud of her for taking on this extra work. I will post pictures of the eruption later.

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