My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pine Derby

Today was the Pine Derby races! What a day! We have been planning for weeks. Not sure if I posted the pics from the kids, Clint and I working on building them. If not, I will post later. Here is what Bailey's car looked like finished and ready to go!

First stop- weigh in! Each car needed to be as close to 5 oz. as possible. Bailey's weighed in at 4.9!

Kaci's car weighed it at 5 oz. EXACTLY! Way to go!!

Each Boyscout ran 5 heats...each consisting of 3 races!

If you won the race-- you got a blue sticker- if you came in a close got a green sticker!

Bailey won all 5 of his heats and out of about 40 boys - made it to the finals! Top 5!!!

Here he is ready to race his first run in the finals!

Once the scouts had finished up- the siblings got to race their cars on the track!

Kaci took on Skylar - and came in a close 2nd!

Trophies were handed out for the top 3 racers. (Bailey came in 4th) - But, he still got a ribbon and a certificate and we had LOTS of fun! Can't wait until next year

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