My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

As seen on T.V.

His clothes are never wrinkled.....thanks to Wonder Hangers!

His plants are all smiling sponges....thanks to Sponge Bob Chia pet.

His cakes are always bigger.....thanks to the BIG TOP Cupcake.

His sodas are always fizzy....thanks to his Bottle Tops.

His music is always hip....thanks to Kidz Bop.

His pillows.....

are all pets...thanks to Pillow Pets!

His art is always bendy...thanks to Bendaroos!

I think someone watches a little too much T.V.!

Gosh....I love him!

1 comment:

Amber Eskew said...

What a HANDSOME haircut Bailes has!!! He is such a cutie!