My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Me want cookie NOW" - Cookie Monster

Cookies are here!!!
**NOTE** In this photo we are missing the newest cookie addition...
Shout Outs!- but we have them now!
Sales begin on January 19th!
I know we are strictly forbidden from selling before then- but I must admit- we have already opened 2 boxes. One box of Thanks A Lots for the kids and one box of Caramel Delites for me.
Why- oh why do I love those darn Caramel Delites so much?? And why oh why- am I the only one in my family who enjoys them. You know that means every time I open a box, I am responsible for eating the WHOLE thing! ACK!!!

Don't forget- you can donate cookies to the Troops! Just tell us how many and even what kind and we will do the rest :)

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