My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Poor, Poor Toe!

My poor, poor baby! - and her poor, poor toe! I think this is Kaci's 4th ingrown toenail in the last 2 years. I am soooo over it and I know she is too. This time we decided to see a Podiatrist and get this taken care of once and for all. SO- today we went to see Dr. Shine John. What a super nice man and a great Podiatrist. He has 2 locations- one in Gtown and one in Cedar Park. If you need a Podiatrist- he is the one to see. Although it is a very painful procedure- we went the extra step this time to ensure that it does not come back again. He put the *magic* acid on her toenail and *fingers crossed* it will NEVER come back.

Thanks to Dr. John- Kaci's toe is smiling!

Now to get through the next 7 days of antibiotics and CRAZY blood sugars!

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