My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Just 7 more days.....

Just 7 more days until the BOO Walk is finally here. We are so excited to have such a great group of people walking with us. Some of them have walked with us since the first walk in 2009 ( less than 3 months after Kaci's diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes) More people added to our group in 2010 and this year we will have even more people walking with us to show their support for Kaci and the thousands of kids and grown ups that are just like her. We will all be wearing our AWESOME new shirts - sporting our AWESOME new team name...Kaci's Krushers!!

Upon Kaci's diagnosis- I must admit that Halloween was one of the things I worried about the most. How would we ever go trick or treating again? What would we do with this holiday that is so much fun, but yet completely revolves around sugary candy and treats??

Well, turns out it has worked out pretty good. There are so many other things we do each year to celebrate Halloween- and we still continue to do all of them....even Trick or Treating.

We visit the Pumpkin Patch.

We decorate/carve pumpkins.

Can you guess which one is Kaci's and which one is Bailey's?

We make/wear Halloween shirts.

We buy and wear costumes.
Sometimes we are Minnie Mouse.
Sometimes we are a Pirate! ARGHHH!!!

Some years we are Luigi and Lola!

Sometimes we are Peter Pan!

And sometimes we are Hannah Montana!

We decorate our house and make Haunted Gingerbread houses.

We trick or treat for UNICEF!!

We buy candy to pass out to our neighbors and friends!

Since Kaci's diagnosis with diabetes we have added these traditions to our Halloween list of fun!

We raise money for JDRF.
We order team t-shirts.
We walk in the Say Boo To Diabetes Walk!

Grandma Dee, PaPa, Aunt Amber, Uncle Mark and Colton still come to our house for a pot of chili or stew before we head out Trick or Treating. A few of us stay back to pass out candy- (usually Grandma Dee and Uncle Mark)- while the rest of us head to get our buckets full of trick or treat loot. We DON'T eat ANY candy while we are collecting. (This is no different than we have done in years past before Diabetes) The candy has to be well checked before we can eat it. When we get home, Kaci and Bailey usually sort through their candy and make trades with each other. Then they make a pile of the candy that they do not like and Clint puts it in a bag to take to work to share with his friends and co-workers. Then they are each allowed to eat only a few pieces of candy(This is no different than we have done in years past before Diabetes) They each the grown ups take a couple of pieces too! We usually pull out the smarties and other candy that is good for LOWS and put them in her "Diabetes Bag" Over the next few weeks- I will, occasionally put a piece of candy in their lunch or we will have one with dinner. Then....once we hit Kaci's birthday- the rest of the candy disappears. (This is no different than we have done in years past before Diabetes)

Who needs all that candy just lying around anyway!

So....get ready for it....

A Happy Halloween is coming our way!!

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