My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The meter keeps growing and 1 day to the WALK!!

So far- Kaci's Krushers has raised $3,332.22 for the Say Boo To Diabetes Walk!

That is absolutely AMAZING!! If you donated to her Ford Race Car Competition- your money also went towards our walk THANK YOU! Thank all of you- and saying it just doesn't seem like enough! So- we have listed your names below so that EVERYONE can know just how much all of you mean to us!

Pa Pa and Grandma Dee,Herb and Craig Eskew,Amber and Mark Eskew,Uncle Chad Borchgardt,Charles and Jessica Felchak,
Cindy Bracken,CindyScott,ConnerMullen,,Denise Simons,Ford Nascar Contest,Jackie Baker,Mrs. Garrett,The Chester Family,The Walker Family,Walker Family,Company Foradory Lawn Care & Powerwashing,Zulema Aguero,Linh Nguyen,Joe and Kelly Armstrong,John and Tracy Moore,The Zavala Family,
Dominic Ramirez,Linda Schultz, Patricia Johnson, Mrs. Peterson, Leah Leerssen, Laura and Ali McGovern, Margaret Cromwell, Elizabeth Doyle,Christopher Hall and Holly,Sherry Smith,Dot Borchgardt,Rob Johnston,Bj Rosow,Auntie and Bubba Hargrave,The Crowley family,Thuy Tran,Michael Berry,
Bobbie Wisnoski, Jennifer Yeatts,Margaret Mallard,Christi Borchgardt,David Murray, Phillip Bogucki,John Welch, Linda and Billy Keeton ,Melissa Enochs,
Michelle Hall,Josh Hargrave, Aunt Ginny Hill,Diane Wischnewsky and Brad Finch!!

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