My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Vote For Me....Bailey B!

**Bailey is running for Student Leadership Council in his class tomorrow. Here is the speech he is going to give in front of his class. He wrote it all by himself and I typed it up for him! Good job, Bailey! I am proud of you!**

Hi my name is Bailey Borchgardt. I am seven years old. I have been a student at Teravista for 3 years. I am running for Student Leadership Council and I am going to tell you what I am going to do if you vote for me.

I am going to be a good listener and help other people. I am going to show the new kids where they need to go and help them find their way around our school. I will be a good role model for other students.

I will be a good leader for our class because I am a Boyscout. I have been a boyscout for almost 2 years. Boyscouts help the community. I also volunteer for JDRF. Me and my family help raise money every year to find a cure for diabetes. About 80 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day. My sister has diabetes.

I am a good listener and I follow directions and rules of our school. I am a hard worker and make good grades. I always do my homework and my classwork. I always walk in the hall neatly and quietly and raise my hand to speak.

Thank you to all of my classmates for showing friendship and helping me not be nervous when school first started. I want to wish everyone who is running for Student Leadership Council good luck. It is a big job and I am ready for it.

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