My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Flat Bailey!

A few weeks ago- Bailey and his class read the book called, Flat Stanley. It is about a little boy who gets flattened and is able to travel around the world in an envelope! (or something like that!)So, each student in the class got to make their own "Flat person" to send anywhere they wanted. In fact- they each made 2! Bailey sent his 1st Flat Bailey to Uncle Chad-
The first thing Uncle Chad did was take Flat Bailey out to lunch with his friend, Jimmy. They ate some delicious food at La Madeline's and discussed their Thanksgiving plans.

Then, Flat Bailey went back to work with Uncle Chad to see if he would have any luck leasing some apartments. I don't think he was as good as Uncle Chad.

After work, they headed home and he had a little time to play with Josie before bed.

The next morning, Flat Bailey helped Uncle Chad make a pie for Thanksgiving dinner....YUMMY!

Bailey took his 2nd Flat Bailey to Amber's house! He had lots of fun there getting to know Uncle Mark, Colton and Kendi! Here is Kaci introducing him to everyone.

He had lots of fun playing on Colton's computer!

Flat Bailey even got to go to the Texas vs. Aggies football game on Thanksgiving!

When Aunt Amber had shown him around her town- she put him in the mail and sent him to Aunt Ginny in Houston! She made a stop over at Bailey's cousin's house and took this cute picture! Hayden, Noah and Mason really like meeting Flat Bailey.

Aunt Ginny also took him jumping on the trampoline at Josh and Pierson's house.

When Uncle Chad was done showing his Flat Bailey all the sights in his town- he sent him all the way to Indiana to the Chester's house! He just arrived back home today with an envelope full of pictures and in his own words (below) he told us all about his journey!

( In Flat Bailey's own words...)
Day 1:

I arrived at Marin and Kennedy's house in northern Indiana! See picture of me at the mailbox! It was WINDY! I almost blew away! But that is because they live just south of Lake Michigan and the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois.

Day 2:

The girls held my hand and took me through the snow! I got all wet and had to dry out on the heater vent! They wore coats and scarves and gloves but being a Texan, I didn't have any. They said that maybe I could make some. In northern Indiana, they have LAKE EFFECT SNOW. That means the cold air from the near the North Pole comes down to Lake Michigan and picks up the water drops out of the lake and then instead of rain, it turns to snow and lightly falls on Indiana! It is feathery light snow and not good for making snowman most of the time because it is DRY not very WET (until it melts). It is good for skiing and sledding though and make good ice cream when mixed with milk, sugar and vanilla! YUM YUM!

Day 3:

Then, I visited the UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME! There is a library there with a mural most people call TOUCHDOWN JESUS because you can see Jesus at the end of the Football Stadium and when the Notre Dame Irish football team scores it looks like Jesus has his hands up saying "touchtown!". Lots of Irish people as well as Polish live in South Bend, Indiana (the home of Notre Dame).

Well, I had a good trip but glad to be back where it is warmer. Wearing snow pants, coats, boots, gloves and scarves everyday to school is heavy and a lot to carry. Marin and Kennedy would like me and the Borchgardts to visit sometime if traveling near Chicago!

Flat Bailey
**Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success!
And- if you have not had a visit from Flat Bailey-
be on the look out.
You never know when he might arrive in your mailbox!**

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