My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Just give hope a chance to float up.... and it will"

I am so excited to say that after talking with Amy Hyman at the JDRF offices and Kaci and Bailey's PE teachers at school- the school has finally agreed to host a JDRF Kids Walk!! The presentation will be held on January14th. Then the children will have until February to collect donations for JDRF. The school walk and money counting day will be held on February 11th. There are 2 children (other than Kaci) at the school who have diabetes.

I have "counted money" for 2 other Kids Walks and it is ridiculous how excited I get. It feels good to volunteer! It feels good to see other kids that are going through the same thing as Kaci. It it wonderful to see kids helping other kids! -It is wonderful to hear the stories of children with diabetes. To hear the hope in their presentations! To read in their own words what it is like to go through what they do everyday for the rest of their lives....or until the cure is found!!! And it is great knowing that there is money going towards more research everyday!! That our family is not alone in fighting this disease.

When children are able to connect this disease to someone they know....they tend to work harder to collect donations- so we have decided to attach a "Take Away" story to the collection envelopes that the children who are directly affected write themselves. It will include a picture of the child and even their own signature at the bottom. Kaci got to work right away on her story and this is what she came up with. I am so proud of her.

"Hi! My name is Kaci Borchgardt. I am 9 years old and in Mrs. Peterson`s 3rd grade class. You may have seen me around.

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 7 (the summer before I started 2nd grade) I was drinking a lot of water, going to the bathroom a lot and I was tired all of the time. I also lost a lot of weight. I had to go to the hospital and that is when I found out I had diabetes. My Uncle also has diabetes. He helps me feel better about having it. He has had it for 27 years.

Now I have to check my bloodsugar with a finger prick before I eat. Each year I have to prick my finger about 2, 190 times. I also have to take a shot with insulin in it after I eat. Each year I have to take about 1, 825 shots. Can you imagine that?? Yeah it hurts. Sometimes I wish it would just "poof" disappear. Some of the reasons why I don't want diabetes is because the shots and pricks hurt and I can't have sweets as much as I used to- unless my blood sugar is low.

If I don't check my blood sugar or take my shots the side affects are blindness, heart disease, liver failure and even amputation.I volunteer to help raise money every year. I hope that you will too!! All the money you, and others raise, will go to the doctors and scientists so they can buy supplies to find a cure.

Thank you,

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