My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You know what I did before I married? Anything I wanted to. - Anonymous

My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary today! They decided to take a quick trip to Oklahoma for some gambling and to see Jay Leno perform stand up! I think it is a well deserved trip and I hope they have lots of fun and win LOTS of money!! 40 years is a loooooong time- and got me thinking about relationships and compromise.

Mom is housewife....she has worked out of the home and in the home over the course of the years. She has done it all...been a banker, worked in the school cafeteria, worked at Kmart, Target and Walmart- even worked at the Bingo Hall. She is on 2 bowling leagues, loves to play Bingo, Queen of the Football Pot and never meets a stranger. She loves murder mystery and chocolate (especially in the middle of the night)! She does not enjoy a visit to the doctor or the dentist. She enjoys chewing ice and peanut brittle. She helps me with the kids if I need her, sells Girl Scout cookies and listens to me ramble on the phone for hours.

Dad is retired from Fidelity Information Systems. He enjoys meeting up with his high school friends once a month for lunch, dinner or a good sporting event. He is a UT football season ticket holder and enjoys a good game. He rarely misses church on Sunday and loves a good breakfast. He reads the paper, surfs the web and watches world news. He is good at following his check up routines with the dentist and the heart doctor. He often makes trips to Houston to help his family or just to visit. He helps me with Kaci and Bailey, Reagan and Chelsea, and often mows my lawns and does my dishes!

Mom does the cooking; Dad does the eating. Mom cleans up; Dad feeds the dogs. Mom sleeps until 10, Dad is up at 7:30. They both enjoy working in the yard together. Their schedule seems to work for them, despite personalities on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Whatever it is they are doing- it seems to has kept them together for 4 decades.

I remember when I was little how cool I used to think it was that my parents were still married (and this was when I was in middle school) So many of my friends parents had already divorced by then. I recently googled 5 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last- I thought this was an interesting 5 ways;

1. Be attractive to other men-
Way to go, Mom! I guess it is working.

2. Be happy!-
I like to call this one....Fake it until you make it! (something I often do it my own life with an array of subjects)

3. Keep up with the rest of the world -
ha! Funny!

4. Stop complaining-
What! Who thinks that is a good idea? Nah, I have to disagree....get it, complaining!? LOL!

5. Date your husband -
Aw, so sweet!

My mom and dad are THE BEST! I guess they must be doing something right, or maybe all of the above! They love me unconditionally. I can count on them ANYTIME & ANYWHERE! They are AMAZING! I wish them many more years of happiness!
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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